Hashlearn cheat sheet for Tutor Personality test


You might get stuck in the Hashlearn Tutor Personality Test. Because, it has 80% passing marks requirement.

So, here I am presenting some answers to the most common questions asked by most of the applicants in Hashlearn Tutor Personality Test. 

1.What is the ideal way to explain the problem to the student on HashLearn?

a. Providing just the final answer

b. Providing the step-by-step solution with very little engagement

c. Initiating the student towards the solution and helping him/her when required

d. Engaging with the student without providing the solution

2. During the chat, student uses inappropriate language, you would,

a. Tell the student to end the session and go away

b. Say nothing and report the session to the HashLearn team

c. Ask the student to end the session and report to HashLearn support

d. Use some inappropriate language yourself

3. You found a good-quality solution for the problem online, you will:

a. Post a screenshot or a web link in the chat

b. Use the solution (if required) and explain it clearly to the student in your own words

c. Tell the student to search online himself

d. lgnore the online solution completely

4. Which of the following could lead to instant termination from the HashLearn platform?

a. Sharing personal information with the student

b. Using inappropriate language with the student

c. Poor performance on the platform

d. All of the above

5. Last month he_____three large fish. 

a. catched

b. caught

c. catch

d. did catch

6. Do you like New Delhi? I don't know _____there.

a. never went

b. did not go

c. never gone

d. have not been

7. They don't need any help. They can do it _______. 

a. theirself

b. theirselves

c. their own

d. themselves

8. We'll call as soon as we _____news. 

a. will have

b. have

c. are going to have

d. are having

9.Which of the following statements is correct?

a. Chirag, Maley and Kausthub went for a trip.

b. Chirag and Malay and Kousthub gone for a trip.

c. Chirag, Malay and Kausthub will gone for a trip.

d. Chirag, Malay and Kaust hub had went for a trip.