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You might be good at writing as a writer. and willing to get awarded for your writing. Before moving forward, I thoughts that you must to know more information about online writing income. I request to you that, Please read full article to get full information and realization about online writing income.

  Why Writing is important 

Writing online and getting paid is important for you because it helps to increase your income sum in long term. Better you write better you earn, because  as your writing skill develops you will be on demand in writing business and your income will increase drastically.

  Significance of writing

Writing helps to refine your thought about particular things. and make you a more defined and logical person with time.  While writing on any topic related to global issue, political issue  and personal issue. You come with better solution each time. More you write more  will be your accurate decision and thinking. Demands of online writer is booming day by day. due to bigger shifting of global markets towards online mode.  there are many jobs and opportunities for content writing, freelance writing, guest writing and proof writing and many more. 

 Where to Write

In present global scenario you can write on many platform and domain. Now world has been changed now it is easier to express your thoughts on social networking sites, blogs, and websites. But here I will give a list of tones of websites or blogs  where you can write and earn simultaneously. 
 Website Topics Payment Remark
   Wow women on Writing Women empowerment, Women related content  Through PayPal ($50 - $100) Advantage to female writer, Backlinks through Author Profile 
 Strong Whispers Lifestyle, Environmental and Social Issues. And Wide Range of topic Those are relevant.  Paypal Payment ($50 - $150) negotiable earning  Earning are negotiable you can earn more than payment range. 
 Link Able  Business, Finance, Marketing, health, sports, technology, retail and more Paypal Payment ($100 - $750)  Only for native English Authors 
 UxBooth UX design, user experience related topics like wireframes, prototyping, IA (eg. Balsamiq, UX Pin, Axure, etc.)  PayPal Payment ($100 - $150) They also offers competitive stipend.  Required experienced author having knowledge of UX in past. 
 Cracked Humorous topics written with creativity from any popular domain.  $100/article after publishing 5 article $200/article and also $100  bonus for featured article.  You don't need to have previous experience apply with some sample of writing. 
 Watch Culture List-driven written features. But also consider Quizzes, Galleries, Video submissions or News pieces. $25 - $500 The system is based on a  per views basis, rewarding the very best writers whose content matches what their audience wants to read. Once you're registered on the site and set up as a contributor you'll be able to access our content creation suite.
 DeveloperTutorials  Developer Tutorial publishes programming and design guides keeping their audience up-to-date on new and emerging technologies and techniques. ($30 - $50) through PayPal. Tutorials are required to be a minimum of 1000 words Pay rates depend on factors such as the quality of the tutorial/article and the demand for the topic it covers
 B. Michellepippin Focused article over small businesses increase their profits, influence, or impact. and business and marketing content.  $ 50 - $ 150 through PayPal  Apply with short article sample. 
 Sitepoint Sitepoint writers are generally web professionals with a passion for development and design.  Payment is flexible based on feature of content.  Apply through online form environment developed by sitepoint. 
 Metro Parents  Related to mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to local parents. $50 - $75 through PayPal Contact through email. Be sure to include the name and phone number of sources at the end of the story,
 Scotchtutorials on a host of web development-related topics that include: React, Vue, Angular, Javascript, Node, CSS, Python, Laravel, etc. $150/article They generally responds in two week to relevent applicants. 
 Music tuts+Envato blog network entity, and they are looking for writers with music or audio background/experience to contribute  $50/accepted articleQuick Tips” (a mini-tutorial of around 500 words or a screencast of under 5 minutes). You can apply through form environment.
 Codetuts+in-depth web development tutorials, both front-end and back-end web development  $100 - $250 based on article featureApply through here
 BitchMediathoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.  Not specified or negotiable payment Apply through submittable platform. 
 Tenderly Vegan lifestyle, vegetarians, future vegans, delicious food, vegan recipes, vegan travel, saving the planet, vegan culture and activism.  $200 / accepted article Currently they are not accepting new writers but they offers opportunities to get selected for tenderly by medium partner programme
 Funds for Writers Based on writing niche mainly focuses on improving writing skills.  $50 for original content Submit your manuscript to [email protected]
 Writers weeklyonline publication that is distributed to paying subscribers. Focuses to writing improvements.  $60/article Submit a query only with credits by using our contact form.
 Make a Living Online Money by writing $75-$150/published articleEmail blog editor Evan Jensen at [email protected]
 ListVerse Write in List form of any niche content  $100/ article and $1000 for most traffick getting article on blog.  Submit through submission form. 
 Back2Collegenews and information resource for adult re-entry students pursuing professional development or an advanced degree. $55/article Submit through contact form
 MoneyPantryEarning and saving money $30-$150 depending upon several factors Submit through submission form
 BetterHumans Self improvements $500 for approx. 3000 words article.  Submit through medium add to publication section. 
 Vector tuts+How to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, Sketch app, and CorelDRAW and drawing tutorials $50-$200 depending on various factors  Send your information at [email protected]
 The Change AgentAdult education  $50 /article You get information here
 Dollar Stretcher Living frugally $0.1/words of article could be written upto 800 words maximum  Submit at [email protected]
 Greatist Mental Health, Relationships, Wellness, Life.  $125/article  They expect articles to be between 1,000 – 1,500 words and want articles to be submitted via Google Docs.
 DropZone Articles about skydiving, skydiving gear, and anything skydiving-related. $50 - $100 Submit at [email protected]
 Design Tuts+ Print Design, Typography, Microsoft Word, and most Adobe design software. $250/ accepted article Pitch your idea here
 A Fine Parent Writing  Based on Parenting  $75/ article Please send the full completed article as a Google Drive document to [email protected]
 Real Python In-depth tutorials about python, web development,  data science, productivity, psychology, career, and a lot more. $300/ article Apply through this Google form
 Smashing Magazine  User experience, to Photoshop, to Mobile, to design patterns, to e-commerce, to accessibility, and anything else $200/ article Start by contacting them by theirs contact form
 Photoshop tutorials Tips and trick about Photoshop $50-$300 on various factors  Submit through this link Web hosting and others Web related topics €39 - €69 Submit here
 Clubhouse How to guides, in-depth tutorials, analysis of the software team, career advice, and thought leadership pieces related to software development $350-$600 Apply here
 Write Naked  Articles that can help other writers succeed.  $75 / accepted articles  Get more information here
 Great Escape Publishing  Travel experience  $150 /article Get more information here or email - [email protected]
 Income DiaryRelated to building an online business: this includes articles about making money online, getting traffic, social media, web design, conversion optimization $500/accepted article Submit here
 LongreadsFreelance writing jobs related to any topics $500/accepted articles  EMAIL at [email protected]
 Informed CommentRelates to politics or foreign policy, Middle Eastern and South Asian politics and US foreign policy, human rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, religious discrimination, religion, energy, and climate change. $100 through PayPal  Submit here through comment form
 Smith Sonianscience, history, art, popular culture, and innovation. $0.60/word Apply from here
 Travel+ Leisure Travel guide  $1/word Apply from here
 WanderfulHelping and empowering women to travel the world. $50/word Submit here
 Transition Abroad  Inspirational yet practical planning guides for cultural immersion travel, work, study, living, volunteering abroad and much more $75 - $150/word  Submit here
 Budget Travel Travel destinations, culture, tips, and adventure $1/words  Submit here
 Entheos Web design and development for Entheos. Articles can be about Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS, Illustrator, Fireworks, and web design Not mentioned Apply here
 Foreign Policy Foreign policy and global affairs. They accept articles on issues about politics, culture, finance, business, and world events as long as it relates to foreign policy. $1/words  Submit your sample through this form
Elite Personal FinancePersonal finance, saving money, making money online, credit cards, loans, identity theft, business, and many more topics. $100/accepted articles  Submit through this form
 The DiplomatTopics including defense and intelligence, popular culture, arts, environment, human security and development, as well as geo-political trends in the Asia-Pacific region Not mentioned  Apply through this form
 Copy hackersCopywriting and conversion optimization. $325/ accepted  article Apply through their contact form
 Belt Magzine Anything related to the Rust Belt region $50 - $500/ Article Submit you sample here
 SemaphoreSoftware development-related tutorials $200 / accepted article Submit here
 Godaddy GarageEntrepreneurship, website design, website development, WordPress, freelancing, and more. $150/ article Submit here
 Digital ocean Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, or any of the other Linux ecosystem. $300 - $400 /article Submit here
 PleskWeb development-related topics. Articles can be about WordPress, website security, Javascript frameworks, DevOps, Docker & Plesk, and much more. $50 - $200 / article Submit here
 A list apart Web and software development and some tutorials  $100/ articles Apply from this contact form
 LinodeTutorials about Linode, Linux, and cloud infrastructure. $300/Article Submit here
 Global command Well-informed essays, well-researched opinion pieces, and reviews of films, TV, books, music, or art at a national or international level. $50 / Post accepted Apply from here
 RankPay SEO, content marketing, and social media $50/Post accepted Apply from this link
 Craft Your Content writing and language, grammar, the business of writing, and staying creative and productive. The $150/accepted post Submit through this link 
 Yoga International  yoga and meditation $50 - $200 Submit here
 Greater good Science articles with a mix of storytelling. $350/accepted article Submit here
 International Living  Living and retirement plan Upto $400 Apply through this contact form
 Providence Christian faith and theology with national security, foreign policy, political theory, defense, terrorism, and a lot of other political/policy related issues $100 - $ 1000/ accepted articles Apply through this link
 Metal Floss Articles designed to help people improve their knowledge and brain capability Not specified  Apply through this link
 The Progressive  Political issues Not specified Submit your article here
 Salon.comCulture, politics, science and health, food, technology, the economy, and news. Not specified Submit here
 Serious EatsRelated to food, cooking, and eating $100/ accepted article Apply through this form
 Funny times Politics, business, religion or anything as long as it’s humor. $60/ accepted article Apply through this form
 Source journalism code/web development and they are looking for case studies, project introductions, and walk-throughs of tools developed in and for newsrooms. $200 - $500 Submit through their contact form
 Sql Server central SQL tutorials and expertise  $150 For more detail go here
 Hongkiat web design/development, technology, design inspiration, and social commerce $50 / accepted post  For more detail go here
 Working Mother  looking for pieces that have direct practical implications for career-focused moms. Not mentioned For more details go here
 Just Parents  relevance to parents and pregnant couples Not mentioned Apply through their contact form
 Desert USA Travel, wildlife, geology, desert lore and cultural/natural history of the North American Desert regions. $50/ accepted article Apply here
 Edubirdie Writing improvement and writing services  Not specified

 Apply here

   How to Write 

Writing and getting paid is not easier as many nobs think. Because it demand interest and proficiency in you. Regular learning and improving your writing skills should be the your goal. Because there are many writer already present and established in their niche and domain. So,  to beat them you have to improve your writing skills. I would advice you to develope interest in particular niche and after gaining success in that you should to move in multiple or more niche. 

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