How to score 200+ in JEE Main 2020. Expert’s guidance by Allen


One of the most prestigious examination JEE Main is about 30-40 days away. And we are sure most of the aspirants are going through last-minute jitters.

Revision is often the key to success and we are sure most of you are now charting out your revision plans. It is not only a boon in recapping but it is also a tonic for escalating your confidence level. So here we are with a study plan and a revision guide that will definitely help you in scoring 200+ in a just span of a month.

We have segregated every subject i.e. Physics, chemistry and maths and have picked the important topics for each subject and arranged in the order of its importance.


1NLM + frictionThese topics are the foundations of mechanics and somewhat cover kinematics, which however is not an important topic but in case if any questions is asked you will be able to answer it.
3Ray OpticsSince this is a chapter that you would have covered in your 12th grade thus it will happen easily and take less time in revising.
4Error And ExperimentThis topic is a short one and is certain to come. You can manage to revise this chapter in a time frame of 2-3 hrs.
5Electro Statics+ Capitals + CurrentsWhen these topics are combined with “RO” they make up 40-50% of your 12th-grade syllabus. Thus they require a lot of attention and you must not forget that the maximum questions in your examination are from this category.
6Modern PhysicsMost of you would have covered this topic recently and thus it can be covered easily.
7GravitationThese topics are the ones that you studied in your 11th grade. So one must revise them properly as they hold a good weightage in the examination.
8Fluid Statics And Dynamics
9Properties Of Matter
10KTG+ Law of thermodynamics + Heat transfer

Additional topics
These are the topics that can be covered if the above-mentioned topics are revised thoroughly
Magnetism + EMI + AC


1Straight LinesCoordinate geometry is very important from the examination view-point. So focus on straight lines and circles.
3Trigonometry Identities & Trigonometry EquationsThese two topics hold a lot of importance. But while doing these chapters do not cover SOI as it is an important chapter too and should be covered later so that it can be retained in a better and efficient way.
4Functions + LCD + DifferentiationCombine these chapters with Fundamentals of maths (FOM), as most of you would have covered it in the 11th grade but as for now, it needs to be revised. And when these concepts are combined with FOM they wouldn’t take much time.
5Quadratic Equation And SequenceFirst and foremost focus on P&C and Binomial as they are time-consuming. These chapters hold a lot of value and follow it with QE + sequence & complex no.
6P&C And Binomial
7Complex No.
8Integration And Differential EquationDo this topic only after finishing the above-mentioned algebra topics.
9SOTBy the time you come to this section, you would be just 8-10 days away from your examinations. And these concepts frame 2-3 questions in the examination which would be very easy. So prioritise these chapters too.

Additional topics

These are the topics that can be covered if the above-mentioned topics are revised thoroughly

Vectors + 3D + Probability


1Atomic Structure + Periodic TableThese are the topic that would hardly take time and would be definitely asked
2EquilibriumIf done well, it will definitely increase your confidence. This topic is very important but requires a lot of conceptual understanding, so take your time to revise this topic.
3Chemical BondingThese Concepts are the ones that you would have studied in your 11th. And they need to be done early as they serve the basis for revising the rest of the topics that you did this year (12th).
4Gas Law + Thermodynamics
6Functional GroupsOnce these topics are revised, you are likely to be closer to the examination. So revise them well as you might not have the time to revise them again
8Liquid Solution
9Bio Molecule + PolymersWhile doing these topics remember to do it thoroughly so that they are retained for a longer time and if any questions are asked from these you can answer them with all the confidence.
10Surface Chemistry
11P Block

Additional topics

If you wish you can devote an additional half an hour and target to finish the revision of Organic chemistry within a week’s time. And after which remember to screen organic section in every 5 days

P Block + Metallurgy + S block + Hydrogen + coronation compound

NOTE: This sequence is prepared on the basis of 2019 paper. NTA would have certainly kept last year’s examination in mind as the paper has only happened once.

In order to get the best result from the mentioned table, kindly keep the following in your mind.

  • Chart up the above – mentioned table the way you wish to do it. You can also make a checklist with it and can strike off the topics that you have covered.
  • This might sound tough, but this is the time where you should devote at least 6-7 hours for revision and this duration should be exclusive of your regular study time (coaching classes, school).
  • Since confidence and stress have an inverse relation meaning an increase in your confidence, decreases the level of stress. Remember to revise regularly as it will boost your confidence level and keep the stress away.
  • Make sure your revision time (6-7hours) is fairly distributed and you devote equal time to all the subjects i.e. physics, chemistry and maths.
  • Do not waste your time in short notes. If you have already made the short notes earlier it will be an icing on the cake or if you have completed 30 – 40 % of your short notes then continue with it as it will be helpful during the April attempt. But if you haven’t made any short notes’ do not waste your time in making one as they are time-consuming and wouldn’t have much of an impact.

We hope that even the odds be in your favour. Don’t let your nervousness kill your preparation and in the end remember you didn’t come so far just to give up. This is your final step in fulfilling your dream so give in your best and trust us on this your hard work will definitely crown you with success.

Credit : Allen Team ( this post has been solely written by Allen Team but for sharing purpose i published it here)