5 Apps That Could Help You to Finance During Your College Life


During college life our personal needs get increased and it is not enough to fulfill your all needs with pocket money that, you are getting from your parents.
So, we are going to tell you about 5 APPS that could finance your college life.


Here, You can get thousands of jobs like content writing , logo making, photoshop editing etc.
Just you have to bid on a project that you can do before doing so, make your profile portfolio good add some demo task similar to bid.

Squadrun i8

Squadrun is another very good app to make some money . You have to complete set of work envolved as mission . After that you get paid for each mission. You can withdraw your money after reaching 60 indian rupees once .


Notesgen is amazingly great app regarding that you can earn money by uploading your college notes here . You get paid 20 - 50 indian rupees for each download you have.


Mcentbrowser is good app to finance your mobile Internet bill monthly . You can earn mcentbrowser point for browsing over mcentbrowser . You can recharge your mobile data with these mcentbrowser points.


Fiverr is another great app similar to fiverr . Here you can find millions of small gigs. you have to do that for earning bucks. You can design poster, logo, write for others , Website design etc.