How to show pdf file in blogger blog post


someone very new in blogger blogging  and in coding skill then,  he may find this work very taugh.

Don't worry here , I am going to share my secret of " How to show pdf file in blogger blog post" .

Follows following steps to solve your problem:

Prerequisite: first, you should have a blog or website on blogger platform. Second, you should have a pdf file downloaded.

  1. Upload your downloaded pdf file in google drive.
  2. Hover over downloaded file and change it's privacy settings to view to everyone.
  3. Copy file link and paste in between "___" line of below code.

<iframe src="your pdf link" height="740" width="910"></iframe>

For example I will show you in below section:

Note :  always add /preview  after  pdf link to show . If there is trouble.