How to add a table in blogger post


Adding a table in blogger  may looks difficult in your initial blogging phase.
But don't worry about it ,


Here in below I am going to share my secret of the adding a table in my blogger post.

Follow the following steps to solve your problem gently :
  1. Open your blogger post editor 
  2. Switch to html mode of editor
  3. Now , paste following code in your blogger post.
<tr>  <th>Heading 1</th> <th>Heading 2</th> <th>Heading 3</th>
</tr> <tr> <td>Table A</td> <td>Table B</td> <td>Table C</td> 
</tr> <tr> 
<td>Blogger</td> <td>Wordpress</td> <td>Joomla</td> 
</tr> <tr> <td>CSS3</td> <td>HTML5</td> <td>Javascript</td>
</tr> <tr> <td>Sylesheet</td> <td>Script</td> <td>Coding</td> 
</tr> </tbody>

That's results looks like below table

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3
Table A Table B Table C
Blogger Wordpress Joomla
CSS3 HTML5 Javascript
Sylesheet Script Coding